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I will update periodically, so please bookmark if you're interested! Thanks!

Masterfic list


I'm without cable and internet, as well as having a computer on the fritz, so my LJ times will be sparce for the forseable future. It's a pain in the ass to get on from my phone as well, so unless I can use apublic computer, I won't be here for a while. I just wanted to let ya'll know so you don't wonder about me. I hope you're all doing well.

I can finally say...

...at the ripe old age of 53, that I'm in love and I have a boyfriend. My Daniel is in the Army, but will be retiring in December and coming home to me. God, please let him be my forever love!

EDITED TO ADD: He turned into another spamming jerkwad. I'm giving up on online dating, for a while. I don't need the stress and heartache.

Here we go again...

After being pissed off about how that guy treated me the other day, I decided I'm not letting him stop me from looking for someone. I'm back on the dating site I used before, and currently have a couple guys I'm just getting started on getting to know. I'm limiting it to texting only for now. Self-preservation first. It seems the men like my photos and profile...it remains to be seen if they would still be interested once they meet/see me in person.

Have any of you had experience with the dating online scene? Any helpful advice?

Do I look gullible?

I told ya'll the other day I'd met someone. Yeah, he turned into an asshole. We haven't met in person and have only texted, and he had the balls to ask me to send him money. I don't think so, dickwad.

I never thought I'd be able to say this...

...but I've met someone, and I think it has the possibility of going somewhere. I met him on a dating site, and from past experience I had my doubts it would work because it never has before. In less than a week I got to messaging with a few guys, and a few sounded interesting, but tonight I started speaking with this one, then we moved to texting, and it felt good. We'll see what, if anything, happens, but I feel hopeful. Wish me luck, gang?

I asked him to be patient with me and give me time, because this is rather new to me, and he said he would. We'll see.

Hey...mpreg authors on my flist...

I just created another manip, and I would love to use it for a fic banner if anyone has a fic with older!Jared/younger!Jensen who have a baby together. If you're interested, post a reply below, ok? I think the ages for the guys would be around late 20s-early 30s for Jared, and early-mid 20s for Jensen.

Just curious... (asking spoiler question)

What are the titles for season 11 episodes that have been announced? So far, all I know are titles for the first 4 eps, as well as the title for episode 8. If others for 5-7 are knowm, fill me in? Thanks!
Let me know what you think?

...and a couple others I haven't edited for moles and freckles...


Have a little fun!

I grabbed this link off Twitter, and have had some fun this afternoon creating my Peanutized versions of Sam and Dean, as well as Jared and Jensen. (The S/D were later edited to add the mole on Sam and freckles to Dean.)

I haven't edited my Jared and Jensen yet.



Just fyi...UPDATE

I won't be online much the next few days. I was admitted to the hospital yesterday, and I'm not sure yet how long I'll be here. I'll be back asap.

UPDATE: I was in the hospital three days. I'm home now but trying to take things easy. I won''t be online a lot, but thatnks for the good wishes and prayers. It's appreciated!


Snaggged from raloria.

Right Now I'm...

Feeling: Pretty good! I had a therapy session this morning (I see my therapist once a week) and it was a good one.
Wearing: denim capris and one of my J2 AKF shirts
Wishing: my financial situation was better. Being jobless sucks.
Missing: my mom. She's been gone four months.
Thinking: I need to get back to writing. I miss it.
Wondering: how I'm going to be able to pay bills this year until I see if I can get unemployment or disability.
Raving About: J2, as always!
Ranting About: being poor. It's stressful.
Fangirling/Drooling Over: yesterday's J2 and kids Father's day photo that Jensen tweeted.
Thankful For: my brother's support. He's been my rock since our mom died.
Planning: for a trip to Europe this fall. If everything works out, a friend wants to take me to Rome. We'll see.
Looking Forward To: said trip, assuming it happens.
Dreading: the heat of the summer. I loathe hot/humid weather!
Wanting: to get back to my writing. The muse isn't ready to come out play yet, though.
Hoping: my finances improve sooner rather than later.

This meme created by raloria.


SPN_J2_Bigbang art post

I'm thrilled that I was able to art for etoile_etiolee's fic, Within You. She is a joy to work with, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

So, here's the art I created for her...

Main banner



Closing banner

SPN_J2 BB reveals...

...and I'm happy to announce that I'll be working with etoile_etiolee! I love reading/arting for mpregs, which her fic is, so I'm looking forward to what she and I can produce together. When everything is done and posted, I hope ya'll will check it out.


I claimed J2 #33. If this is your fic, CONTACT ME!!! I'm wanting to get the discussion going.

Update from my post yesterday...today has been a better day. No depression, so my bout of it probably isn't as serious as other people have, but I still plan to see what help I can get.


I claimed a fic for the SPN-J2 BB but haven't heard from my author yet. If my author will contact me asap, I'd love to talk with you and see what you're looking for.

On the personal front, today hasn't been the best of days. It's Mother's Day here in the USA, and since I lost my mom less than three months ago, it's been a rough day. I thnik I'm clinically depressed; I just haven't been diagnosed yet. I need to get something done though because I can't manage this way. I try to keep Jared and his Always Keep Fighting in mind, but sometimes it's easier said than done. I've been dealing with a lot in the past few months: lost my mom, lost my job, dealing with health issues of mine as well as my brother's, and renovations of my apartment. I'm not dealing with it all well.

My baby...

Fandom aid for Nepal

This is my post... my offer (Go there to accept.)

‘BUY IT NOW’ OFFER | - fanart (photo manips, blends, icons, wallpapers, banners, headers)

QUANTITY | - $10 for five pieces. As stated above, they can be as small as icons, or as large as wallpapers, or a mix of sizes.

FANDOMS | SPN/J2, preferably Sam/Dean or J2 only, but I may be willing to do other characters. We can discuss. (ABSOLUTELY NO Destiel/Cockles.)

MINIMUM ‘BUY IT NOW’ DONATION REQUIREMENT | - $10/five items, but can do more.

ANY OTHER INFORMATION | If you have specific photos you want me to use, you'll need to send them to me. Minimum size of 800x600, and as HQ as possible. Communicate with me via email: kadysn@gmail.com.

Attention fanfic writers!!

Originally posted by felisblanco at Attention fanfic writers!!
Some assholes are pulling fic from AO3 and other places without the authors' permission and putting them up on their own site where they make money off them with ads etc. Please search it to see if your stuff is there (you can search by author), then check here for more info, like how to demand they be taken down.

I found four of my own fic, randomly selected by a bot it seems. I sent them an email, demanding they remove my fic, although that was before I read the very helpful instructions provided in the link above. Maybe I should send them another. OTW is on the case, hopefully that will help shut this shit down.

I'm fucking furious. Assholes making money of fanfic writers' free but very hard labour. Not to mention how it fucks with the whole "fair use" idea. Fuck you, assholes. Fuck you very hard in the ass with a barbed wire.

ETA: They haven't stolen any of mine, but I'm sure they have done so with other fanfic writers we know and love in this and other fandoms. They've stolen several fics by my bestie obsidianromance as well. Let's kick their ass, people.

Drabble "It's My Job, Right?"


Where's caring big brother Dean when you want/need him? Oh yeah...with Sammy. I've been under the weather this weekend with a cold, and since I figured I can't have Dean to take care of me, I'd let Sam have him. Just as it should be, I guess.

Happy Easter, gang!

(Credit "artsydenise" for the art. If she's here at LJ, I don't know what her user name is. Sorry.)

New art

A Twitter friend asked for art of J2 as cowboys, or more specifically, cowboy!Jensen teaching Jared how to horseback ride. This is what I came up with.

*blushes* I posted it on Jared's and Jensen's Facebook pages. I wonder if they'll see it and what they'd think?


New member of Padalecki family!

Meet Gusto, aka Gus. They just adopted him from Austin Dog Rescue.

Birthday boy!

Birthday girl...

Been busy arting...

I have a few manips to show off. Let me know what you think, 'k?

This one has been very popular on Tumblr since I posted it...

teenj2-Jared short hair-finish

I just made this one, and I love how it turned out...


For those who share my love for mpreg...


I made a few others but am saving them for my lovey obsidianromance to show them first, since I made them for her.

Special day!

Mom update

We lost my mom just after midnight this morning. I'm incredibly sad, but also glad because she's now getting the rest and peace she needed for so long.

Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts so many of you sent our way this last month and more on her behalf. <3

Another personal post

Just an update on my mom...we are moving her into hospice today. All the health issues she's been dealing with are just too much, and she's ready to go. It's down to just making sure she's comfortable. Thanks for all the prayers for her and the family. We appreciate it.

Update (personal post)

Since I posted my request for prayers and good thoughts for my mom the other day, I wanted to give ya'll a brief update. My mom is still in the hospital (today makes two weeks) and thiings change on a day-to-day basis. Suffice it to say she's stil needing your prayers, and I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes she's received from all of you already. Keep them coming, please?


Once again, I come to my friends here to humbly ask for prayers and good wishes, this time for my mom. We've just been kicked in our heads with some worrisome news concerning her health, and it's probably going to be rough in the days and months ahead. I'm not going into details since it's about her and not myself, but prayers for my whole family would be greatly appreciated.

I won't be online as much while all this is going on, but I will check in as I can. Thanks ahead of time for your good thoughts. My mom appreciates it, and I do as well, more than you know. *hugs and love to you all*

Birthday girl!

It's been a few years ago, but a few friends and I worked on creating cards for our Winchester Arcana Tarot deck. Since then, a lot of new characters have been introduced on the show, so I'm wondering who would be interested in helping me create a new deck for all the old as well as new characters. I'm not sure yet if my fellow comm mods are still interested, but just in case they aren't, I'm looking for anyone who wasn''t involved in it back then but would like to be now.

I'm also looking for someone with HTML knowledge to help me maintain the old comm as well as a new one if this project gets up and running.

Please, gang, speak up if this sounds like something you'd like to help me with, and you have time for. It's a huge project - I'll warn you about that now. The one person who's interested (and who had this idea in the first place) suggests we shoot for an October 2015 deadline, around the time season 11 would premiere. I think that sounds doable. I just need a lot of help to get this underway. I kow some of the previous artists aren't at LJ anymore, so I'm looking for new artists who have joined the fandom in the last few years. Too, if anyone who arted for us the first time wants to do so again, you're all welcome to jump in again.

Last time, I was sent the finished cards, then I added decorative edging and banners with the name of the particular Tarot cards to give all the cards a continuity. This time I won't do that, but I think there needs to be something to give all the new cards a continuity. I'm looking for suggestions about that as well.

If you're interested, or have any ideas to suggest, feel free to email me. Kadysn at gmail dot com.

Birthday boy

Fic illustrations question

I'm working on a piece of artwork that I think would be a good illustration for a young hooker!Jensen and older client!Jared fic. Do any of you know of one that doesn't have art to go with it? Barring that, would any of you authors want to write a fic with that trope, and let me illustrate it for you? It would have been for good for the Reversebang but I only created it today, so I'm too late for it.

Here's what I have so far...


If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I know I've read fics with this trope, but I can't recall any specifics.
cillab42 has posted about her situation on her LJ. You can help raise funds for her by making a direct donation here, participating in the auction, and/or spreading the word among your friends.

The auction started yesterday, November 20, and will run until November 29 (next Saturday). The last date for the auction is not the date by which you need to deliver your work. It's just the last date for people to bid on offers. You can talk to your winner and decide on the details/due date.

Auction page is here.

I've offered artwork, so if you'd like something from me, go take a look at the auction page. Please join us in helping a fellow SPNer.

Silly question, but...

Does anyone know/has Jensen said how he got that scar on his chin? Only thing I've seen is someone asked him and he joked back, "What scar?" I figure I've probably missed a real answer from him.

Anyone? Buehler?

Question... (edited)

If you came upon personal information about Jared, Jensen and/or their families, what would you do with it? Would it depend on what the information was? What is the dividing line for you, on what's sharable and what isn't?

If you decided to share, how widely would you share? Just one person, a few trusted people, or would you share widely online in the fandom?

You're probably wondering why I'm asking. If you want to know, PM me.

EDIT: This post is pretty much moot at this point. I got on LJ this morning and saw where a photo of Jensen's new house was posted, and as it came from the realtor's site, the address was listed, and it hadn't been marked out. This is what my questions referred to, in a way. The home addresses of the guys (as well as their parents and other family members) are all public record and can be found if you look. Having said that, why post the info online? Don't they deserve their privacy? It's one thing to have the information, but to broadcast it?
I was told that Jensen and Danni are moving to Austin. Does anyone have more information/photos on this? I've tried Googling for it but my Google-fu isn't working today.

Edit: I found the photos. Someone did, as Kat said, post them on Tumblr. Gorgeous house and property, I have to say!

The Jester's Mask

My bestie platinumrosel wrote this.

The Jester’s Mask

The stage is bare
The spotlight is dim
The laughter is silenced
How we will miss him

Behind the mask
Tears we did not see
Darkness we never knew
Now we pray you are free

For Robin

Oh Captain, my Captain

A bright light and brilliant talent has gone out for us with the death of Robin Williams. I am devastated by the loss, and I hope and pray that all the love the world felt for him will be a comfort for his family and all those who knew and loved him.

We don't know what he was going through to make him feel suicide was his only option, but I hope that he's at peace now.


New wallpaper

No one can blame me for wanting to create something with the new photoshoot Jensen did for the Chinese Harper's Bazaar. Comments?

EDIT: Second version, in case the first one doesn't work for you...


My brother just found out he's got shingles. Have any of you had it before and can share advice on how to deal with it, and what he can expect? Thanks.

Our birthday boy!

Posing a fanfic question

I'm strictly in the SPN/J2 fandom so my question is for that. Does anyone actually read het fic, or is gen fic and slash all anyone wants? I ask because I'm close to finishing writing a teen Sam/OFC fic, and I wonder if I'd be wasting my time posting it here or at AO3 when it's complete. I've been posting it a chapter at a time at ff.net, but I know that site is basically passe these days, which is why I don't get much response there.

Do I even bother? Will any of you be interested in reading it?

Summary: Sam is shy, horny, and still a virgin. He's also smitten with a girl from school. Can he find the courage to make her his, and get rid of his cursed virgin status? Set circa 2000. Sam is aged 16/17. Sam/OFC, Dean, mention of John. NC17 for het teen sex.

Be honest with me, gang. I can take it.

Guys...what's wrong with this fandom?

I don't know why it has to happen to some of our best and brightest, but euclase has been bullied so much she's taken down all her artworks and deleted her accounts here, at Tumblr and at Deviantart. Bullies strike again. I don't know all the details, but it's enough to know that she's felt the need to leave. If you know her personally and have contact with her, please tell her she's got support, and not just other fans. I've seen Twitter posts from Kim Rhodes, Orlando Jones and Sebastian Roche who are also giving her support, and in fact, Kim wants to get in touch with her. If you can help them connect, please do so.

There's too many assholes in fandom who aren't content unless they are vomiting hate and wank, and God...it needs to STOP! Those of us who appreciate our fandom artists and all others who find themselves on the receiving end of bullies need to step up and do what we can to show them the love and support they need. I mean, if you can't say something nice, then just STFU and go away. We don't need that kind of evil lurking.

Let's support her, ok? As we're posting at Twitter, #WeSupportEuclase.

ETA: Note from Euclase...and this will end my part of the discussion.

Everyone, I am fine. I just needed a break. I regret having not come online sooner—before this all got entirely out hand.

I can’t believe the support you all have given me, but please don’t make assumptions without checking the facts: I didn’t delete anything on Tumblr or on Deviantart. My art is definitely still there, just hidden for now. I was not bullied off of the internet, only “tired of being bullied” in general. It’s something I’m used to but something I’m not always equipped to deal with, and occasionally I need a break. Hence the blankout.

I sincerely apologize for any drama this has caused. I never meant it to skyrocket like this. I ask you to please stop spamming my name to celebrities on Twitter, please stop blaming each other, and please don’t make hasty judgments. Fandom is full of so many wonderful people, and I am staggered by your kindness and humbled that I could help you all find a voice in a fight against bullying (and to support your fellow artists!), but I would appreciate it very much if you could do your best not to make things worse when your intentions are so good. I will see you soon.

Thank you again.

Call for help....

One of our SPN family members needs our help.

Go here to read her story and help out if you can. http://www.gofundme.com/alsx2w Also, please help spread the word.

Three-way collaboration

I fell in love with a new manip by travellerintime and showed it to my bestie platinumrosel, and between the three of us, I came up with this... (manip by Tess, ficlet by Kim and art by me.)

Click on image to go to full size. If shared elsewhere online, give credit to all three of us. Thanks.

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